UN experts: Iran smuggles weapons from Jask port


The Wall Street Journal has obtained a copy of a draft report by UN Security Council experts that shows the Islamic Republic of Iran smuggling thousands of weapons of war to Houthi terrorists in Yemen from the southern Iranian port of Jask.

The weapons, which are transported by wooden boats, include rocket launchers, machine guns, sniper rifles and are made in countries such as Iran, Russia and China, according to a report published by the American newspaper on Saturday, January 9th.

According to the report, the port of Jask was once a small terminal for the export of fruits and vegetables to Oman. It was expanded in 2008 and even last year the Islamic regime in Iran turned it into an oil export terminal, but at the same time it has become the main destination for arms smuggling to Yemen.

This information is based on interviews with the UN Security Council’s experts with the detainees and crew members of the arms smuggling boats and navigation equipments of the boats themselves.

Western countries, especially the United States, along with Israel and some Arab countries, have in recent years accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of sending weapons to its terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

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