The mullah-teachers left classes in the middle of the academic year


Ali Ramezani, the former cultural-and-artistic general director of camps and educational spaces in the Ministry-of-Education, said in a conversation with the Rokna news agency: “in the 13th government, according to field reports, we see that some of the teachers who had been recruited through an agreement between the ministry of Education-and-Training and the religious seminary (Hoze-elmieh) in the form of Amin’s plan, could not meet the academic needs of the students, Therefore; some classes have been abandoned in the middle of the academic year. This happened while the ministery had been warned multiple times by those involved in the field of education.

Ali Ramezani continued: The needs of the new generation of students, is absolutely different from how the education Ministry has selected their teachers, therefore; the student’s dissatisfaction with the school atmosphere has increased considerably. This process causes serious crises in classrooms. It is very clear that when teachers are recruited based on these kinds of agreements and not based on educational indicators, such incidents should not surprise us.

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