The son-in-law of Qassem Soleimani, smuggles weapons into Lebanon by airliner carrying regular passengers


The Israeli army claims in a report that Hezbollah deputy leader Hashim Safia Al-Din is using his position to help his son Reza Safi al-Din transfer strategic weapons from Iran to Lebanon.

According to this report, for security reasons, the weapons are transported by civilian flights via Damascus, the capital of Syria, which poses a great danger for regular passengers.

Reza Safieddin, the husband of Zeinab (Qassem Soleimani’s daughter) is a former commander of the Quads Force, who makes several secret trips to Iran each month to coordinate Hezbollah’s military activities and meet his wife.

The Israeli military report added that “Hachim Safia Al-Din, as part of his position, communicates with Shia citizens and senior Lebanese officials and manages Hezbollah’s media and propaganda.”

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