The Director of National Intelligence Agency of Iran: The Voice of Enemy’s Media Is Remaining in the Hearts and Minds of Our Youth


The Iranian regime’s head of intelligence agency, in a meeting with IRGC commanders, the Revolutionary Guards, repeated Khamenei’s statements from the day before about the “internal power of the Islamic system” and the “fear of the enemy,” while claiming that the United States has “all of its facilities and equipment” ready against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hojjatoleslam Ismail Khatib said on Sunday, June 6th, at the assembly hall of Quds, base of the Revolutionary Guards: The enemy is currently focusing on three things, first on the protests and social condition, they are creating and managing organizations and trying to expand them.

The second is the terrorist acts by the Zionist regime (Israel), and the third is that they are trying to damage Iran’s picture in public eyes through social media.

“Unfortunately, Our enemies have a big media with such a high influence on people, which is even influencing on hearts and minds of our own young people,” Khatib concluded.

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