Protesters set the great mosque Eezeh and Imam Hassan Joonghan Baseej base on fire


Following constant the Iranian regime’s robbery and emptying the currency reserves fund, Raeesi’s administration, representing the Supreme Leader, exacerbated economic hardship over the people causing overall protests in a number of cities in Iran.

Iranian National Congress reports that on Thursday, 12 May 2022, protesters shouted slogans against Khamenei and Raeesi in a number of cities in Khoozestan, Lorestan, Chaharmal Bakhtiari, Kohgiluye and Boyrahmad, Kermanshah and Fashafooye city in Tehran and the regime guards were shooting at the protesters.

The protests started in Shahrekord, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari in the afternoon on Thursday and the people started shouting slogans again the regime and the authorities in the streets. The slogans such as “Reza Shah, Rest In Peace” and “Mullahs need to get lost” were heard among the protesters.

In Eezeh, people set the great Mosque on fire while chanting “Reza Shah, Rest In Peace” and posting the videos in social media.

People set a huge demonstration in Joonghan, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari on Thursday night. The protesters were chanting “down with Khamaneii” and “Shame on you Raeesi, Leave the country” .

The videos and images illustrate a number of protesters broke down the sign of Imam Hassan Baseej base and set it on fire in Joonghan.

In Dorod city, in Lorestan province, people participated in a huge protest. The slogans against Raeesi, and Khamenei were heard in the protests. The protesters gathered in front of the governor’s office in Dorod and chanted against the government for a couple of hours.

Despite high security alert in Tehranprovince , people in Fashafooye city started protesting and chanting against the regime.



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