Biden administration faces pressure by Republicans over Iran


Republicans representatives in the US Congress urging the Biden administration to be as transparent as possible about Iran – they have already taken the first step in the House of Representatives.

The Republican House of Representatives, the largest Republican Party in the US Congress, has proposed amendments to the annual defense budget bill in the US House of Representatives that would ban Joe Biden from giving cash to the Islamic regime of Iran, force the lifting of any sanctions and keeps him accountable to report to Congress in full transparency against Iran.

The amendment was passed in the House of Representatives with the support of a number of Democrats. The Democratic Party has recently worked closely with Republicans to prevent Iran from spending the money it has released to update their armed forces and to finance militant groups working close with the Islamic regime of Iran.

By doing so, Republicans say they want to block any covert Biden government deal to persuade Iran to accept the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Republicans urge the Treasury Department to immediately notify Congress of any decision to lift sanctions or waiver sanctions on “states that support terrorism” – the State Department claims that the Islamic regime of Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. The plan requires the government to immediately report to Congress any “wrongdoing” on American soil.  The plan also calls on the Secretary of Defense to warn Congress of “short-term and long-term threats from Iranian-backed militant groups in Iraq.” Another section of the defense budget bill compels the US government on a regular basis to inform Congress of the progress of the Islamic regime’s military relations with China.

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