The United States and Israel seek a new plan to confront Islamic Regime inIran


The United States and Israel have reportedly discussed an alternative plan in the event of the resumption of UNHCR talks. Assessing that the Islamic regime of Iran is not more than a few months away from acquiring an atomic bomb, Israel wants to develop an alternative plan or “Plan B” to reach a possible stalemate in the Vienna talks.

The website Axios reported on Thursday, October 1, quoting two unnamed senior Israeli officials that the United States and Israel had discussed last week an alternative plan to counter the Iranian regime’s nuclear program if the Vienna talks did not continue.  According to Axios, Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser, and his Israeli counterpart, Aylat Khalata discussed in an video conference last week an alternative plan to counter the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program. This video conference is the first consultative meeting between the two countries since the inauguration of the new Israeli government in June, followed by the formation of a “top-secret strategic working group” on Iran.

In recent months, the Islamic regime of Iran has increasingly ignored the restrictions and increased the rate of enrichment and the percentage of uranium enriched produced in this country.  Israel worries that if no way is found to end the stalemate in the Vienna talks, the regime will continue to move closer to the technical capability and materials needed to build an atomic bomb.

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