Mossad Chief: We will continue operations against the Islamic regime’s nuclear facilities in Iran


The Times of Israel reported on Sunday that David Barnea, the head of the Mossad, was set to travel to Washington for “crucial talks” and consultations with senior US government officials.

On the fourth day of the seventh round of talks in Vienna, the Mossad chief stressed that a bad deal with Israel would be unbearable for the Islamic regime of Iran and that it would not allow the mullahs to acquire an atomic bomb.

According to the report, one of Barnea’s goals, who is traveling to Washington as the Israeli prime minister’s special envoy, is to provide US officials with new information on the Islamic regime’s nuclear program.

The Mossad chief also intends to persuade Biden’s government officials not to enter into an interim agreement that does not include the full return of the Islamic regime of Iran’s commitments, and instead to increase pressure and tougher sanctions on Tehran.

Ynet news website quotes the head of Mossad as saying that his visit to Washington is very crucial and writes that Barnea intends to inform the US government that Israel does not consider itself obliged to comply with the Islamic regime of Iran and Will continue to act against Tehran’s nuclear programs.

Israel doesn’t normally take responsibility for actions taken against Iran’s nuclear program, but there is ample evidence that it has been involved in several operations that have caused significant damage to Natanz’s nuclear facilities.

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