Naftali Bennett: Israel will maintain freedom of action towards the Islamic regime of Iran


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made important remarks about his country’s response to the Islamic regime in Iran at a political security conference at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Reichmann University in Herzliya: We need to look again at what we have achieved and fine-tune this enormous effort.

He stressed: ”The Islamic regime of Iran can be seen from every window in Israel. Chasing after the terrorist of the day who is sent by the Quds Force is no longer logical”. “We have to get to the one who is sending them,” he said. Israel must “take advantage of its relative strength – a strong economy, being a leader in cyber, international legitimacy – against the Islamic regime of Iran’s weaknesses more effectively than in the past,” said Bennett.

The Israeli Prime Minister continued: “We must increase our superiority over our enemies, each alone and all together, we must work to strengthen missiles, cyber, lasers and other technologies, as well as raise the salaries of conscripts, these are all of us.” Strengthens so that others do not want to test our power. The state of Israel must maintain its freedom of action and its ability to act in any political situation.

“Even if there is a return to an agreement, Israel is not a party to it – is not obligated by it,” said Bennett – referring to the JCPOA.

Naftali Bennett added: “The Islamic regime of Iran has no future, its economy is weak and its government is corrupt, and it rules by force and terror.” We are at a very important point in Israel’s long struggle against the Islamic regime of Iran, which is in fact the struggle of the whole world against an extremist Islamic regime. “We hope the world won’t blink, but even if they do, we don’t plan to blink.” Bennett said the current time is “complex,” because Israel has disagreements with its greatest allies, but it’s not the first time.

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