Sebastian Kurz was forced to resign


Sebastian Kurz, the young Austrian chancellor who has close ties to the Islamic regime of Iran and his lobbyists, was forced to resign over a scandal involving the use of the finance ministry’s budget to manipulate his party’s vote and publish it in a newspaper.

Austrian prosecutors announced on Wednesday that they had launched an investigation into Sebastian Kurz on charges of corruption and abuse of trust, involving nine individuals and three other unidentified organizations. Prosecutors also raided the offices of the president, the Treasury and the People’s Conservative Party led by Sebastian Kurz.  

According to the Austrian prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Finance claimed that between 2016 and 2018, the Austrian Ministry of Finance was responsible for conducting and publishing manipulated polls in favor of Sebastian Kurz without mentioning them as propaganda messages in the publications.  The move is seen as a form of bribery of members of the media to strengthen Sebastian Kurz’s position in Austrian public opinion.



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