Independent Observers: Russia’s Duma election is rigged


Russia’s parliamentary elections, which began on Friday Sept 17 and will continue until Sunday Sept 19, have been rigged, according to independent election observers. On the first day of the election, the Gulu Foundation listed 2,000 violations of the law.

More than 2,000 election violations, including photos and videos on the first day of Russia’s parliamentary elections on Friday, September 17, were registered by the Gulu Institute. Observers at the polling station witnessed that pre-written ballots were delivered to many polling stations.  Complaints about these violations have not been accepted.

Observers are almost certain that the United Russia party, the current party in the Kremlin, will win the election again because many of Putin’s opponents were not allowed to run at all.

Secondly, the Russian parliament has 450 seats, and the victory of the pro-Putin United Russia party in this election is certain.  Critics say holding the election in three days will allow organizers to manipulate the election better and more.

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