Mike Pompeo: President Trump’s administration supported the Iranian people


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has defended President Trump’s administration’s approach to Iran, and said the current administration is “living in a fantasy world.”

“Today, Iranian-linked militants attacked our embassy in Baghdad and Iran threatening to kill President Trump and myself, but American negotiators sitting at the table in Vienna,” Pompeo told FoxNews on Jan 14, 2022.

He defended President Trump’s decision to attack Qasim Soleimani, calling it a precautionary measure to save American lives.

Mike Pompeo said that the leaders of the current US administration “want to give money to the Islamic regime of Iran to expand its terror network in the world, and this is an enormous mistake that poses a serious threat to our allies in the Persian Gulf and the region.”

“She’s living in a fantasy,” he said in response to a White House spokesperson who said that Trump’s sanctions did not have the desired effect and pushed Iran to increase its uranium enrichment and malign activities in the region.

He added that seven years had passed since the JCPOA, and even if the United States did not withdraw from it, many of the JCPOA’s restrictions had already been expired, and now there are only a few years left until the full expiration.

He stated that President Trump’s administration depriving the Islamic regime of Iran of financial resources caused “The ayatollahs to face wit the option of surrendering, destroying power or accepting a suitable agreement.”

“We supported the Iranian people, but the current administration is taking a different approach and providing resources to kleptocratic and theocrats in power in Iran,” Sid Mike Pompeo.

The previous administration accused the officials of the Islamic regime of Iran of corruption, human rights violations and repression of their own people.

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