The Israeli Minister of Finance announced the imminent attack on the nuclear facilities of the Islamic regime of Iran


At the same time, as international efforts to resume talks on reviving the IAEA Board, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman has warned that no agreement will stop the Iranian regime’s nuclear program. He called a military confrontation with Iran inevitable and described it as the only way to prevent the mullahs from gaining nuclear power.

“In the case of a confrontation with Iran, it is only a matter of time, which will not be too long … it will not lead to any diplomatic or agreement process on Iran’s nuclear program,” Lieberman told Vala.

The right-wing Israeli party Beitno (Israel is our home) said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a bigger problem than the rest of the opposition because “they have stated that their policy is to destroy Israel and that is what they mean.”

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz appeared before Parliament’s Defense and Foreign Policy Committee (Knesset) on Tuesday, calling for an increase in government funding for the military.

Bani Gantz warned that additional funding was needed to prepare for a possible attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program.

Senior Israeli officials have warned of a possible $1.5 billion budget to bolster the ability to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, while warning of possible military options, Channel 12 television reported Monday night. According to the report, $1 billion has been earmarked in this year’s budget and half a billion in next year’s budget – an amount that must ultimately be achieved.  The budget is to be spent on improving aircraft, gathering information, including by satellite, and special weapons.

AFP recently quoted an unnamed Israeli security official as saying that the Iran’s Islamic regime was “closer than ever to producing materials for nuclear weapons” but was still two years away from an atomic bomb.  “We are preparing for all options and scenarios, including military operations,” the Israeli official added.

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