Offering admission to 320,000 Afghan and Iraqi students into Iranian universities


On Tuesday March 22, Alireza Begdeli, the deputy consular officer for parliament and Iranian affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic regime ruling Iran, told Ilna news agency that the Cultural Revolution Supreme Council is expanding consular capacities for people who are going to study in Iran.

According to this news, the government has recently passed resolutions according to which it is going to “prepare itself for the arrival of more than 320,000 foreign students”. These students are mostly from neighboring countries, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last year, 100,000 foreign students were admitted to Iranian universities while most of them were from these two countries. The deputy consular officer of the regime’s foreign ministry considered this as a path towards “internationalizing” Iranian universities and “developing the culture of attracting foreign students” and mentioned that the government is thinking of creating welfare facilities for future applicants.

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