Deputy Judiciary: 1254 people and 60 armed partisans were arrested on Election Day


Asghar Jahangir, Vice President for Social Affairs and Crime Prevention of the Judiciary, presented a report on the performance of the headquarters for the prevention of crimes and election violations in today’s meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council.

The Vice President of Social Affairs and Crime Prevention of the Judiciary stated: Despite all the measures taken,1,254 arrests were made across the country due to election violations on the day of the election.  About 1200 arrested people were released the same day due to obtaining a bond and prosecutors’ follow up, and less than 60 individuals are still in custody for being involved with armed conflicts, weapons discovery and other anti-security measures.

He further stated: One month before the election, 193 electoral crimes were detected in cyberspace and 29 people were summoned in this regard. These people removed their published criminal content after receiving warning over the phone or delivering documented promises stating not to commit the crime again.  

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