Partisan attacks against Tehran’s Basij and Meibod’s leader of Friday prayers in polling stations


The police of Shemiranat reported that three members of the “Basij” were attacked by cold weapons on their way to the polling station in the north of Tehran.

Rokna news website reported that three members of the Basij were assaulted by an “unknown group” with a “cold weapon” while they were on their way to a polling station in Darabad district of Tehran. According to this report, one of them is injured “seriously”, another one needs a surgery, and the third one is facing the risk of losing “one eye”.

Hamshahri online also wrote Alireza Hosni, the leader of Friday congregational prayers was attacked by a sharp object, in the polling station.

It has also been reported from Tehransar that one of the candidates of the parliament of the mullahs’ regime was attacked by a group of partisans with a knife.

Yesterday, Amir Fakhravar, the president of the Senate of the Iranian National Congress, during a live broadcast on YouTube and Club House warned all the voters that they would be targeted by partisans while they are present at polling stations.

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