The Israeli army’s $1.5 billion budget for the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear facilities


An Israeli television channel announced the allocation of a “$1.5 billion budget” for the Israeli military’s training aimed at destroying the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

As reported by Israel’s Channel 12, a figure of about five billion shekels, equivalent to $1.5 billion, is expected to be spent on aircrafts, drones, intelligence-gathering drones and unique weapons to attack the Islamic Regime of Iran’s underground facilities.  

According to Israeli Times News, the report comes just days after the US Air Force announced the successful test of an advanced 2.5-ton bomb called the GBU72, which could be used to attack the nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the report, the GBU72 is designed to be carried by a heavy fighters or bombers.

The report added, however, that the GBU28, which is smaller than the most recently tested bomb, was secretly sold to Israel in 2009, although it does not appear to have the ability to penetrate the Fordow facility, which is built deep into a mountain. 

Channel 12 reports that the US-made bomb test was based on Israel’s experience in bombing the Hamas underground tunnel network in Gaza during the May 2020 war. 

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