40 million Iranians in the country need immediate help


Hamidreza Hajibabaei, head of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic regime’s parliament, said that “about 40 million people in the country need immediate help.” “People’s dissatisfaction with the country’s economic situation cannot be hidden,” he said.

A non-confidential TV program on “hidden subsidies” was broadcast on the Islamic regime’s channel 2 network in the presence of “Hamidreza Hajibabaei, head of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the regime’s parliament” and “Mohammad Ghasim Osmani, head of the Supreme Audit Organization.”

Hajibabaei emphasized in this program: the capital and income of the country are good and appropriate, but unfortunately this income does not turn into production.  The budget structure must be reformed so that the revenues become real and real, and the people can touch it by making it transparent. “Economic surgery should be done, but surgery should not harm people,” he said.

Osmani, the head of the Supreme Audit Office of the country, said: “The economic structure of the country is flawed and sick, and we need an economic revolution.” The level of people’s dissatisfaction with the country’s economic situation cannot be hidden.

He said that the income of the people is not in line with the income of other countries and the cost of living, adding: “Unless the defective economic structure is corrected, a positive economic event will not happen in the country.”  With the current method, the class distance is increasing day by day, part of which is due to more consumption.

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