Khamenei to the leaders of the regime: with stability and resistance, endure the pressures and do not stop


Khamenei said today in the presence of a group of regime officials and participants in the International Conference on Islamic Unity on Afghanistan: “In the case of Afghanistan, one way to prevent accidents is to have the current esteemed officials of the country in centers and mosques or to encourage the Sunni brothers to attend – joint gatherings.”

Reacting to the Ibrahim occurred agreement, which was formed with President Trump’s creativity, Khamenei said, “Some governments in the region, In order to normalize relations with the usurping Zionist regime, committed a great sin and mistake, and they must return from this movement and the path against Islamic unity and make up for their great mistake.”

In another part of his speech, Khamenei referred to the behaviors that have taken place in cyberspace: “Sometimes in cyberspace, slander, slander and unscientific promises are treated against justice, which both those who deal with this space and those who are responsible for it should take care of. We must learn to be fair and not attack our opposition with slander, lies and insults, even in situations where we do not accept anyone’s words.”

Regarding Islam, Khamenei said: “The field of activity and intervention of Islam covers all the aspects of human life, from the depths of the heart and matters of worship to political, economic, social, security and international issues, and whoever denies this meaning, has certainly not paid attention to the numerous verses of the Holy Quran.”

Emphasizing that “today we need stability more than anything else,” Khamenei told the regime’s leaders: “Continue with stability and resistance, and endure pressures and problems, and do not stop.”


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