The release of falsified images by the Russian embassy that Iranians supporting the war against Ukraine outraged Iranian people


The Russian embassy in Tehran posted pictures on its Twitter page showing “Iranian support for Russia.” In one of these pictures, a person raised the flag of the Islamic regime of Iran and placed a piece of paper on it that read: “We support Russia.”

In these pictures, the Z mark is installed on the car or the map of Iran. This is a sign that Russian aggressors have installed on their tanks and trucks during the invasion of Ukraine to be distinguish and to prevent self-attack.

On the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a group of people in Tehran gathered in front of the Ukrainian embassy to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They chanted; ‘Death to Putin’. A number of families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane also gathered in front of the Ukrainian embassy to protest the Russian attack. In the field of sports, a number of players of the Mazandaran textile team wore a shirt with the message “No to war” on it after the game with Esteghlal.

On Twitter, a Ukrainian tweeted referring to the conversation of Ukrainian sailors with Russian aggressors, on Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s representative in the Vienna talks, wrote: “People like you do not represent the Iranian people.” Your attempt to prevent the lifting of sanctions will not succeed.

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