Russia and China are building airports in Iran


Siavash Amir-Makri, CEO of Iran Airports Company, said at Khomeini’s arrival ceremony in Iran: “We have entered into negotiations with China and Russia to build new airports in Iran, and after preliminary studies and negotiations, we will enter into more technical and specialized discussions.”

According to the Iranian National Congress news agency, he said that the company is in charge of 53 airports, adding: “The projects for the construction of new airports are related to the next 20 to 25 years, and we are developing and building new airports for another 25 years with China. We are also negotiating with Russia.”

“We definitely need new airports in the future and international airports with international standards,” he continued.

Amir-Makri added: “Recently, we have had projects such as the contract for the purchase of advanced radar, switching system and navigation aid system, runway lighting system at Ardabil airport, and we have become self-sufficient in this area.”

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