Negative reflections of the image of the Chinese flag on Freedom Square, Tehran, Iran!


After the finalization of the 25-year-old contract, the terms of which were hidden from the public, on the evening of the 11th of Bahman, the flag of the Chinese Communist government was displayed on the Freedom Tower along with the flag of the Islamic regime of Iran. The play was part of a ceremony held at the Freedom Tower with the presence of Shalbafian (Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts), Alaeddin Boroujerdi (President of the Iran-China Friendship Association) and Chang Hua (Chinese Ambassador to Tehran) and
number of the directors general of the Islamic regime’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the negative reactions to this action, the public relations of the Tehran Municipality Landscape Architecture Organization said in response to this show: The Roudaki Foundation, in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy and the Iran-China Friendship Association, screened the Chinese flag on the Freedom Tower, and Tehran Municipality was not present during the screening.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the regime, Amir Abdollahian, also published these pictures in Chinese, while congratulating the Chinese New Year, and wrote that despite the US embargo on the Olympics, the Iranian people are with China!

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