Richard Nephew left the US negotiating team for the nuclear talks due to a dispute with Robert Malley over the Vienna talks


Richard Nephew , a member of the US nuclear negotiating team in Vienna, has left the team due to a disagreement with Robert Malley over the direction of the talks. He remains with the State Department,” the NBC reported.

In a report released on Saturday, the NBC reported that the US negotiating team in Vienna had recently undergone a major overhaul, quoting two informed sources as saying that Richard Nephew had a disagreement with Robert Malley.

The State Department has not yet commented on the report, but an official told the NBC: “Richard Nephew has made important contributions to the team, serving for nearly a year. He remains with the State Department,” NBC did not mention the details or the main reason for the dispute between Nephew and Malley “on the negotiation process”.

Richard Nephew was appointed US Deputy Special Representative for Iran last March.

In recent months, a number of members of the US Congress have warned the Biden administration that if it reaches a flawed agreement with the Islamic Republic and the lifting of sanctions, the Iranian regime will receive large sums of money to destabilize the region.

Russia has offered Iran an interim agreement in recent weeks to reduce some sanctions in exchange for some restrictions on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, the NBC reported.

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