Azerbaijan shuts Khamenei’s office in Baku


As tensions between Tehran and Baku escalated, Azerbaijani media reported that the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry closed Khamenei’s office and the Hosseiniyah mosque in Baku. Ali Akbar Ojaqnejad, the representative of the Supreme Leader in the Republic of Baku, was the Imamate of the mosque.

The closure of the office of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baku is taking place while Khamenei, on Sunday, October 3, in a virtual meeting with commanders and graduates of military academies, described the regime’s armed forces as “strongholds.” He added “Those who are under the illusion of relying on others, think that they can provide their own security, they need to know that they will be slapped soon.” He did not name a specific country, but said “the events that are taking place in some neighboring countries in northwestern Iran, should be resolved by logic and avoiding the foreigners interference.”

The tensions escalated when the Israeli Channel 9 reported that the Israeli army had four Air Force bases on the border between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran which are used to attack the nuclear facilities of the ruling regime in Iran. These Air Force bases were built during the Soviet era and are currently used to refuel Israeli fighters.

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