The United States is not negotiating with Russia to save the Iran nuclear deal over Ukraine sanctions


According to a senior official, the United States is not negotiating exemptions from Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia to save the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but is instead trying to reach an alternative agreement that excludes Russia if the Kremlin does not back down from its last-minute demands.

The WSJ reported: With one of President Biden’s top foreign-policy goals imperiled, the U.S. official said Washington would start exploring alternatives to the deal over the next week if Russia didn’t back away from its demands for written guarantees exempting Russia from Ukraine-related sanctions.

“Such guarantees”, the WSJ continued reporting, “could undercut the West’s punishing array of sanctions levelled at Russia over the Ukraine invasion.”

Next week, Washington will consider alternative options for a deal that reduces Russia’s trade ties with Iran.

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