Khamenei demands for “cyber-Jihad”


Khamenei could not hide his concern about the spread of anti-regime debates in cyberspace at the end of the Arbaeen ceremony, which was held via video link from the University of Tehran (where student delegations gather) to Hosseinieh Khomeini (a mosque), and issued a jihad order (Holy war), saying:  “Dear students, who are the fruit of the nation’s heart and the true hope of the country, light up and dispel any ambiguity around you like a lamp by paying attention to the issue of explaining the facts.  Jihad in the true sense of the word by spreading the right thoughts in cyberspace.”

 He continued: “Today in cyberspace, you can publish the right and correct thoughts and answer questions, and you can literally jihad.  Of course, the definitive principle in this regard is to follow the moral method.  It should be avoided that some people face insults, deception and lies in front of public opinion.  Logic must be embellished with ethics, facts must be published. Today we all have to move in this field.”

 He said: “The path of Hazrat Seyyed al-Shuhada (the Prince of Martyrs) is a blessed and sweet path that will lead to a definite result and success, and you, the youth, will be able to lead the country to the peaks of material and spiritual happiness, inspired by this path and enlightening knowledge.”

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