UAE-based Dana Gas wins $607.5m in case against Iran’s state oil producer


According to Reuters, the UAE energy company Dana Gas announced on Tuesday that an international arbitration court in the case of the Crescent gas case had sentenced the National Iranian Oil Company to pay $ 607.5 million due to problems in gas services.


These disputes are related to a 25-year gas sales contract between Islamic Republic of Iran and Dana Gas energy company, which was concluded in 2002. Dana Gas says that this amount will never be delivered to the company because during the period of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (February 28), this project was stopped due to the prayers of the regime’s mafia families.

This result is related to the first part of the case of Crescent’s high-margin contract, in which the Islamic regime of Iran was fined $ 607.5 million.

 In previous years, 150,000 million Toman in damages for removing the fuel card, $56 in damages for the cancellation of the India-Pakistan peace pipeline contract, and $30 in damages for delays in the development of South Pars are other damages to the oil and gas industry of the Islamic regime of Iran due to the US sanctions.

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