Qasim Soleimani’s request to Hassan Nasrallah to turn his daughter’s concubine into a permanent marriage, 10 days before his death!


Maria Maulouf, a well-known Lebanese journalist who has been repeatedly threatened with assassination by Hezbollah terrorists, posted on Twitter a secret document signed by Qasim Soleimani addressed to Hassan Nasrallah.

In the letter, written 10 days before Qasim’s death, he asked Nasrallah to make the temporary marriage of his daughter, Zainab, to Seyyed Reza Safi al-Din a permanent one.

Ms. Maalouf had previously published a secret letter detailing Zeinab Soleimani’s $2 million donation from the Iranian people to set up Hezbollah brothels, which caused a great deal of controversy.

According to the secret letter, the following rewards are set for girls and women to please Hezbollah, permanent marriage to Hezbollah members: $1,000, temporary marriage (concubine): $400, and women with a history of marriage can become the second wife of Hezbollah members and receive a reward.

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