A witness of Mahshahr massacre of Iran’s Nov 2019 protests is sentenced to death


Abbas Shalishat, a 45-year-old Arab citizen of Iran, has been sentenced to death by the Islamic regime of Iran for shooting at provincial security forces (NUPO) during the Reed Bed Mahshahr massacre. His wife died of a stroke after hearing his death sentence.

The Revolutionary Court charged Abbas Shalishat with shooting at NUPO forces and killing Reza Sayadi on Monday, November 18, 2019, but he had nothing to do with it. An eyewitness who had participated in a peaceful protest rally in Besat Square on Monday, November 18, 2019, says: Let’s retreat towards the city. Nupo forces, including Reza Sayadi, were shooting at the people, and the man was shot in the back, which was confirmed by an expert who investigated the scene.

The witness, a resident of Jarahi, added: “Abbas Shalishat was given false TV confessions under pressure and torture that he is arrested because he shot and killed an officer.” Abbas, an Arab citizen working as a livestock salesman and free labor, was arrested in early December 2019 along with his brother Hussein Shalishat. Local sources say Abbas’s brother, Mohsen Shalishat, has also been sentenced to life in prison.

The person who took the video of the reed bed massacre says on the video: “Don’t you have any weapons to respond back? The protesters have nothing [They are unarmed].” His remarks show that the protesters trapped in the reeds under the Doshka fire were unarmed, and contradicts the fact that Abbas Shalishat has now been sentenced to death for being convicted of shooting where he was not armed.

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