Khamenei: Encouraging young people to leave the country is treason


“In some universities, there are elements that encourage young elites to leave the country. I say frankly, this is betrayal, this is betrayal, this is enmity with the country, friendship with “She is not young either.”

But the absolute jurist continued: “Our country is higher than the world average in terms of mental talent. This is not a claim, this has been proven and it is certain that our country is potentially elite, our nation is potentially elite.”

Khamenei also said, “An important part of the soft war of the colonialists, both today and always, which is today, has been more in the past, is that the nation – now our nation or any nation that has talent – is more talented. To neglect himself, to disregard him for that talent, or even to put him in a position where he himself denies this talent. When the neglect of his abilities rules a nation, the plunder of that nation becomes easy. Neglect is the prelude to plunder, plunder increases negligence. “Neglect and looting go hand in hand.”

Khamenei’s attack on the university space today took place three days ago, when he appointed members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in a four-year term. He emphasizes “the general arrangement of culture based on the revolutionary order as the only means of protection against cultural invasion and foreign media.” According to this ruling, the legal entities that are members of the council are currently the heads of all three branches and bodies of which they have been members. The real members of the council are: Arafi, Eftekhari, Bankipour Fard, Parsania, Peyghami, Haddad Adel, Rahimpour Azghadi, Rashad, Hossein Saei, Suzanchi, Saeed Reza Ameli, Kabkanian, Ali Larijani, Mahmoud Mohammadi Iraqi, Mokhber Dezfuli, Morteza Dezfuli, Vaezi.

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