Ali Motahari: Joint military maneuver of Russia, China and the Islamic regime ruling Iran

EDITORS' NOTE: Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on leaving the office to report, film or take pictures in Tehran. Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari speaks in the Iranian parliament in Tehran November 15, 2009. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl (IRAN POLITICS) - RTXQRB3

Ali Motahari, a former member of the regime’s parliament, says: not only has Russia “infiltrated” Iran, but the Islamic Republic has fallen into the “skirts” of Russia and China, and the “suffocating” security systems of the two countries are “the model for Iran’s security institutions.”

In an interview published on the Ensafnews website on Wednesday, August 17, Motahari described the publication of a controversial photo of the Russian and British ambassadors on the historic porch of the Russian embassy in Tehran as a “message” from Moscow to Tehran.  He said the photo “conveys the message that Iran is under our control today. There is evidence that we are somewhat in the grip of Russia and China.”

Referring to this issue, Motahhari said that the “dual” treatment of the Russian ambassador and the British representative by the so-called revolutionaries was “a sign of Russia’s influence in the Islamic Republic’s ruling system.”

He was shocked that the Islamic Republic’s radio and television station, instead of attacking the Russian ambassador, who in his opinion “played a key role in this affair”, attacked the British ambassador, saying: “This is one of the evidences that shows Russia has infiltrated in our system and has supporters.”

The former member of parliament referred to the “Damage” that Russia has inflicted on Iran since the beginning of the Revolution of 1957, and said, “In JCPOA, Russia has always used Iran as a shock absorber against the United States, and in Syria, Israel’s hands were left open to attack pro-Iranian forces, and another example is the Russians’ negligence in delivering the vaccine to Iran.”  Motahhari described the Westerners as “more honest and sincerer” than the Russians, adding that “they are less hypocritical, but Russia is not and acts complicated.”

He criticized the fact that some people in Iran, in the name of revolution, “have gone so far back to act against the United States and the West that they have fallen on the other side and are on the side of Russia and China.”

“Right now, the suffocating security systems of these two countries are the model for our security institutions, and this is wrong because they were communist countries and do not value freedom of expression”, Motahari said bluntly.

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