Shahram Poursafi (Mehdi Rezaei), wanted by the FBI, looks for Amir Fakhravar’s address in Houston, Texas


Shahram Poursafi (Mehdi Rezaei), a member of the Revolutionary Guards who is wanted by the US Department of Justice and the FBI for attempting to assassinate John Bolton, had previously said that he was trying to acquire the address of Amir Fakhravar’s residence.

A group of media activists affiliated with the Islamic regime ruling Iran hosted a room in Clubhouse on the anniversary of the killing of Qassem Soleimani, in which Poursafi clearly says that he asked his contact in Texas to find Amir Fakhravar’s residence address.

Poursafi or Mehdi Rezaei threatened Ayatollah Foumani and his son Amir Hossein about Salman Rushdi’s fate in another room.

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