Israeli spy in Khamenei’s Household


An Israeli analyst who had previously praised Shi’ism and the Arbaeen march, calling herself “transformed” and gradually becoming a regular columnist on Khamenei’s website including Tasnim News Agency and the Tehran Times, affiliated with the Islamic Propagation Organization, recently wrote a note in the Tome of Israel that shows her influence at the top level of the Islamic regime in previous years. She has been a regular analyst at Press TV.

The report says that “Catherine Perez-Shakdam”, who wrote in the Israeli Times about her closeness to regime officials, including accompanying and advising Ibrahim Ra’isi during his election trip to Rasht in 2018, in recent years has cooperated closely with Khamenei’s website and Tasnim news agency.

Following the publication of this article, the website of the Iranian Supreme Leader deleted the articles of “Catherine Perez-Shakdam”, but nevertheless, by visiting the website of the World Wide Archive, in 18 records, her name is mentioned in the website of

Also, by searching for her name in English on Google, you can find the title of her articles on Khamenei’s website.

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