Telegram channel of Quds Force of IRGC; With the atomic bomb, we will make New York a “hell ruin”


It has not been a few weeks since Kamal Kharazi’s controversial statements about Iran’s nuclear capabilities that the Quds Force Telegram channel of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatened on Saturday August 8 that the ruling regime of Iran would build nuclear bombs in the shortest possible time if America or Israel attacked the Natanz facilities. will begin
By preparing a video report of Iran’s military and nuclear programs, this channel announced that this country is ready to quickly activate a top-secret project called “Imad” in case of an attack on Natanz and, according to this channel, “in the blink of an eye.” “Turn the peaceful atomic program into a nuclear program.”

According to the claim of the Quds Force channel, the Islamic regime ruling Iran has obtained a sufficient amount of enriched uranium with high purity to produce nuclear weapons, and the Fardo facility has the mission of implementing the “nuclear escape” project known as the Emad project in the event of a Western military attack. put
The Fardo nuclear facility is located deep in the mountains in the center of Iran, between the cities of Tehran and Qom. According to the media of the Revolutionary Guards, this center is “the guarantor of Iran’s nuclear forces” and all the necessary infrastructure for a nuclear escape is built in this center.

In the clip prepared by the Quds Force, the vulnerability of Natanz facilities in case of a military attack is acknowledged, but the Ferdo center has the possibility of resisting nuclear bombardment, as well as various trench-breaking weapons, which can be quickly put into “combat readiness” and project escape. Run a kernel on its own in a short period of time.
The clip also mentions the Islamic Republic’s intercontinental ballistic missile program and claims that it could turn New York into “an infernal ruin” in the event of hostile US action.

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